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International School Tango Theatre

a Learn Tango Theatre Enter the wonderful world of Tango Theatre. Participate in our courses that will allow you to unleash your creativity. Our teachers teach you to perfect improvisation by skillfully combining it with technique.

Choose the type of class that is right to you. We have a selection of Tango Theatre courses that fit your needs:

1) Improvisation and creativity in virtual scenarios
2) Create a story and act it in the Tango Theatre
3) The role of the dancer in the Tango Theatre, its expressiveness and movement
4) Modern and contemporary dance as a stimulus to freedom of expression in Tango Theatre
5) Tango practice at basic, intermediate, advanced level
6) Yoga as an aid to posture, breathing, relaxation, abandonment of fears

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Very interesting classes. Thanks to the teachers. I participated in the contemporary dance and body expression class. It was fantastic

Cynthia Rose Coreographer

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Escuela Internacional Tango Teatro

Come to our school. You will find tango theater courses suited to your needs. Our school receives students from all over the world thanks to our multilingual teachers …


International School Tango Theater

The International School of Tango Theater has its main office in Avenida Santa Fe, Recoleta, Buenos Aires, with branches in Austria, Korea, France, England, India, Italy, Syria, Spain, the United States, Uruguay …

Buenos Aires

Avenida Santa Fe 2520
Recoleta, Buenos Aires
Email: escuela-internacional@tango-teatro.com
Phone: +54 (11) 25603895

New York

198 West 21th Street
New York 20020
Email: email@domain.com
Phone: +88 (0) 101 0000

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